Saving Money While Working as a Healthcare Worker

by Howard Gerber on January 23, 2014

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Saving-Money-While-Working-as-a-Healthcare-Worker-budgetWorking as a healthcare traveler can be a great experience. It allows you the opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn new skills. But how is it on your wallet?  Is it possible to save money while you are on the road? The answer is yes. It may take a little creativity and discipline, but saving money while you work as a healthcare traveler is possible.

Save On Costs Back Home

One of the biggest ways you can save money while on a travel assignment is by cutting costs back home. For instance, if you live in an apartment, consider subletting it while you are on assignment. Even if you share a place, ask your roommate if it’s acceptable to rent your room out.

Another way to reduce costs is cutting utilities. Consider lowering your thermostat in the winter while you are out of town. Unplug electrical devices, which can eat up electricity. Consider having Internet, cable, and phone service discontinued while you are at your new job. Keep in mind, before cutting any utility service, what the reconnection fee is. In some cases, the cost of getting service started again may not be worth having it shut off.  

Look for Ways to Cut Expenses   

Working as a traveler may give you the opportunity to see new things, enjoy the nightlife and travel on your days off. While you want to enjoy yourself in a new city, leisure activities can come with a hefty cost. But it’s still possible to enjoy your new city without going overboard.  Consider the following cost cutting suggestions:

  • Use public transportation. Depending on how close your apartment is to the facility you will be working in, consider taking a bus, walking, or riding a bike. Not only will it save money on gas and parking, but you can get some exercise too.
  • Take your lunch to work. One of the fastest ways to eat up your cash is by buying cafeteria meals, especially if you are doing 12-hour shifts. During the course of a 12-hour shift, you’re likely to eat two meals a shift, which can add up if you are buying them at work.
  • Look for free events. Most cities have a website that lists upcoming events. Look for free events near and around your city. Museums, festivals, art openings, concerts, and community events are often free or affordable.
  • Enjoy the outdoors. Going for a hike in the woods, bike ride around town or a walk in the city are all free and can be a great way to explore your new surroundings.

Don’t Forget About Your Budget

It’s common to forget about finances while you are adjusting to a new city and job. But you should still keep track of your spending and not develop bad habits, such as eating every meal out, using credit cards in excess, and living beyond your means. If you were saving a portion of your money back home, strive to continue to save on the road. If you were not a regular saver, make it a new goal to save 10 percent of your pay each month.


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