Housing Alternatives While on a Nursing Assignment

by Howard Gerber on October 15, 2015

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travel nursing housing options alternativesWhen you take a healthcare travel assignment, one concern may be where you will live while on assignment. In most cases, your contract will include company provided housing.

Company provided housing may be a shared or private apartment. Apartment amenities may vary greatly. You may be housed in an apartment complex complete with gym, pool, and a business center.

In other cases, accommodations are a little more basic. For example, if you’re assignment is shorter than 13 weeks, your housing may be an extended stay hotel, with either a full kitchen or a kitchenette.

Not all healthcare travelers take company provided housing. If you opt out, you will probably be given a housing stipend. The amount of the stipends varies by company.

If you have friends or family to stay with while you’re on assignment, a stipend probably works out great. You’ll have a place to stay and a little extra cash in your pocket. But some people don’t have anyone to bunk with, so they find creative solutions for temporary housing.  Consider some of the following options:

RV Living

An RV is not just for camping. If you already own an RV, it may make the perfect home away from home while on a healthcare travel assignment. If you don’t own an RV, it can still be an option. Various size RVs can be rented or leased to take with you while you’re away.

The part of the country you’ll be working in and the time of the year may play a part in whether an RV is a good choice. For example, if you’re headed to San Diego, an RV may be a good option. But if your assignment is in NYC, it may be difficult to find an RV park in the middle of Manhattan.

If you do decide on living in an RV, keep a few keys points in mind. If you’re driving an RV to your travel assignment, determine if you’ll also need a car. An RV park will most likely not be too close to public transportation.

RV living on assignment may be a good option for couples or travelers who love the outdoors. If you love city life, an RV may leave you feeling isolated.

Vacation Rentals

Once you know where your assignment will be, you can do an online search of property management companies or vacation rentals in the area. A vacation rental is usually a house or condo that can be rented for several weeks or months. Vacation rentals are usually fully furnished with everything you need for your stay. In many cases, they are located near attractions, which makes it convenient on your days off.

House Sharing Sites

One way to find your own housing is to check out a site, such as airbnb.com. The site lists all types of rental housing options in cities all over the world. You can search by the type of housing you want or the location. In addition to finding rooms and apartments for rent, you can also find unique accommodations, such as an igloo or a treehouse.


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