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by Howard Gerber on February 8, 2011

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In the age of social networking, tweets, and blogs, it can be a daunting task to know where to look for industry information. Of course, you still have professional journals and continuing education, but what about day to day news and the ability to converse with others in your field? Twitter has allowed people from all over the world to share information and ideas in 140 characters. The following Twitter accounts are a great place for physical therapists to jump into the tweeting pool.


This is the primary Twitter account of the American Physical Therapy Association. Tweets appear every few days and are about general information of interest to members and those who are interested in becoming members. Past tweets have included relevant Supreme Court decisions, deadlines for applications, and news stories about physical therapy.


This Twitter account is specifically used to update interested parties on matters related to the advocacy and advancement of the field of physical therapy. Past tweets include new legislation, court rulings, specific state laws and community initiatives.


One of the benefits of physical therapy is that it can often help increase mobility and reduce pain without the need for surgery or continued use of medications. This Twitter account primarily focuses on information about physical therapy for patients and the general public. However, as an industry professional, this can also give you useful information to share with your clients. Past tweets include fitness information, the importance of strength and flexibility, and safety tips.


This Twitter account gives specific updates about the official APTA peer reviewed journal. The account is updated regularly and past tweets include links to articles that are available online prior to the release of the physical copy of the journal.


This Twitter account is maintained by the Davis Physical Therapy Network, which is primarily a continuing education company. Their tweets focus on continuing education, career advice, physical therapy research, and product and book recommendations.


This account is maintained by Medical News Today, which provides a variety of typical news channels including the one for physical therapy. Tweets are regular, occurring several times a week, and tend to offer links to news stories, journal articles, and university studies that pertain to the field of physical therapy.


This is the official Twitter account of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. The account is updated regularly and includes links to relevant news articles, retweets from other physical therapists, and information about the profession in general.

In addition to following these specific accounts you can also look for other physical therapists or use hashtags to search for specific phrases of interest to you as a physical therapist. For example, searching for #physicaltherapy will show you results for everyone who has used that hashtag recently. You can also explore those who are following the above accounts, or who those accounts are following. You will often find people with similar interests by doing this.

What physical therapy Twitter accounts do you follow?


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