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Occupational Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

by Howard Gerber on April 9, 2012

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Most people think of physical therapy and occupational therapy as something that is needed after an accident or surgery. While one of these is often the impetus behind a therapy referral, there are other common ailments that can be addressed with the proper therapy regimen. Rheumatoid arthritis is one such condition. The disease can be excruciatingly painful and can limit the ability of the patient to perform common tasks. Fortunately, occupational therapy can help patients retain motion and even regain abilities that have been lost due to disease progression. [continue reading…]


April is National Occupational Therapy Month

by Howard Gerber on April 2, 2012

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Sometimes we don’t give a second thought about our ability to complete simple tasks: walking to the mailbox, reading a magazine, organizing our calendars and important files, enjoying social interactions with friends and loved ones, etc. Next thing you know, suddenly things change and the abilities we once took for granted may not be counted on anymore. [continue reading…]

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Online Occupational Therapy Journal

by Howard Gerber on March 27, 2012

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The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, or OJOT, is a brand new concept in the world of professional journals. For those looking for a way to connect with others in their profession or who are interested in becoming published in an academic journal, this journal will be a blessing. The journal is being published through the Western Michigan University Department of Occupational Therapy and will be published quarterly. The inaugural edition will be available in the fall of 2012 and is currently accepting admissions from interested parties. [continue reading…]


March is National Nutrition Month

by Howard Gerber on March 22, 2012

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The theme for this year’s National Nutrition Month is “Get Your Plate in Shape.” This is a great health observance holiday that can be celebrated, discussed, and utilized at a variety of workplaces and in schools. Use the resources at Eat Right to help plan your month of healthy choices. [continue reading…]


From Nursing Homes to Home Care

by Howard Gerber on March 19, 2012

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Geriatric nursing may soon look very different than it has in the past. Previously, those in the field of geriatric nursing could expect to find employment in nursing homes and home health care facilities. However, with recent changes to Medicaid and Medicare, the home health care model may soon become much more prominent. Policy officials are now beginning to feel that full time medical assistance within a nursing home facility is not warranted for many of the patients who would have previously been candidates for these services. Instead, they are looking to the home health care model, where only specific services are provided within the home of the patient. [continue reading…]


Mental Health in Schools

by Howard Gerber on March 15, 2012

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School districts are constantly looking for ways to reduce their overall spending. Unfortunately, one of the ways they are accomplishing this goal is by reducing, or not expanding, their psychological staff. This is possibly the worst time for these types of budgetary cutbacks to happen, because the need for these services in the schools is greater than ever. Student suicides are on the rise, bullying continues to increase in new and traditional ways, and stress management continues to be a problem for students. These concerns are increasing during a period where there are national shortages in school psychologists that are only expected to increase over the next decade. [continue reading…]


Acetaminophen Linked to Increased Childhood Asthma

by Howard Gerber on February 2, 2012

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It has been common knowledge for about three decades that children should not be given aspirin because it can lead to the development of Reye’s syndrome. Around the time this discovery was made doctors and parents began giving infants and children acetaminophen to reduce fever instead. However, about a decade later some doctors began to think that the increase in childhood asthma might be linked to the increased use of acetaminophen. A 1998 paper indicated the link and recommended further testing in animals and studies in other countries where childhood asthma was increasing.

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