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Balancing Working and Your Home Life While On the Road

by Howard Gerber on June 11, 2015

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travel-nursing-tips-work-life-balanceWorking as a healthcare traveler may be a great opportunity. Not only can you work somewhere different and live in a new city, but you have the chance to make new friends. With all the excitement, it can be hard to juggle everything. It can be challenging to balance a new healthcare travel job with your life outside of work, especially at first. [continue reading…]


Guide to Benefits for Nurse Travelers

by Howard Gerber on March 12, 2015

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travel-nursing-tips-first-timeWhen you are considering taking a traveling assignment, you have to weigh a lot of factors. The location of the job, type of facility and department you will be working in all play a big part in whether the job is right for you. Of course, you also want to look at benefits and what is being offered for the position. Below are some of the many factors you need to consider when deciding on a nurse travel job. [continue reading…]


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travel-nursing-tips-questionsStarting a job as a travel nurse can be an exciting time. While you may look forward to seeing a new city and making friends, there are a lot of things to consider. Although two of the most important factors to consider are salary and benefits, there are other things to take into account. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to ask some of the following questions. [continue reading…]


Common Blunders Healthcare Travelers Make

by Howard Gerber on October 2, 2014

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travel-nursing-tipsDeciding to pursue a healthcare travel job is a big decision. After all, you will be moving to a new city and starting a new job. Although it can be a great change of pace and exciting, a new travel assignment can also make you a little anxious. Avoiding common blunders or mistakes regarding working as a healthcare traveler can make the process go a lot smoother. Consider some of the blunders healthcare travels make and how avoid them. [continue reading…]


Packing Guide for Nurse Travelers

by Howard Gerber on September 25, 2014

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travel-nurse-packing-guideBefore you get to your new travel assignment, you will need to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. Packing is almost never something most people look forward to, but being organized can make it an easier experience. [continue reading…]

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Saving Money While Working as a Healthcare Worker

by Howard Gerber on January 23, 2014

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Saving-Money-While-Working-as-a-Healthcare-Worker-budgetWorking as a healthcare traveler can be a great experience. It allows you the opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn new skills. But how is it on your wallet?  Is it possible to save money while you are on the road? The answer is yes. It may take a little creativity and discipline, but saving money while you work as a healthcare traveler is possible. [continue reading…]


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handle-difficult-nursing-situationsWhether you are on your first travel assignment or have years of experience under your belt, you may encounter a sticky situation occasionally. Knowing how to handle tricky situations is part of your job. But sometimes it can be difficult to know how to deal with certain circumstances. Consider some of the sticky situations below. [continue reading…]


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