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travel-nurse-housing-tipsIn addition to salary, healthcare travel jobs usually include housing. Housing options may include a private or shared apartment. In some instances, an extended stay hotel room may be offered. Although you can take the housing, which is offered, you can also secure your own place to live.

There can be some advantages to finding your own housing. For example, you have more control over the situation. You may find a place, which suits your needs better than what the employment agency would offer. [continue reading…]



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Your housing matters when you take a healthcare traveler job. You don’t want to be stuck in a small, cramped apartment or arrive not realizing your place is only partially furnished. When it comes to living arrangements for a travel job, you have a few options. 

Private Apartment

One option many healthcare travelers choose is housing in a private apartment.  Most often travelers are offered a one bedroom apartment, which may be in an apartment complex. This type of housing is good for someone who prefers not to share an apartment with another traveler. It is also a good choice for someone who is not traveling with any family members.  Although most apartments you will be offered will be furnished, make sure you understand what is included. You may have to bring bedding, cookware and towels.

Shared Housing

In some instances, you may be given the option of sharing an apartment with another traveler. One advantage of shared housing is you get to know someone immediately. If you hit it off, you have someone to hang out with right from the start. The downside is if you and your roommate are not compatible, it could be a problem. Similar to a private apartment, your housing will likely be furnished and in a neighborhood close to where you will be working. 

RV Living

One option some travelers may not consider is living in an RV.  If you already have an RV, this may be a good choice. Since you will not need the apartment, your company may cover the cost of staying in an RV park. Many RV parks have amenities, such as a pool, workout area and clubhouse.

Housing Allowance

You can also opt to take a housing allowance and find your own place to live while on assignment. This option provides you with the most control, but keep in mind, all costs may not be covered. If you have friends or family in the area where your new job is and can stay with them, taking the housing allowance makes sense. If you want to pick your own apartment and will be going to an area where rents are high, it may make more sense financially to take the free housing offered. A housing allowance may not cover the costs completely if you were to find your own place.

Regardless of which housing option you choose, consider some of the tips below to make your move go smoothly.

  • Whichever type of housing you decide upon, be sure you get the details. Read your contract carefully to determine what is included, such as utilities and furnishings.
  • Negotiate to move in a few days before you start your new job. This will give you time to get organized and settle in to your new place.
  • You may also want a move out date a couple of days after your assignment ends to allow you plenty of time to pack up.
  • Although your place may be furnished, consider taking some smaller items from home to give your place a familiar feel.