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If you’re an occupational therapist, speech therapist, or physical therapist trying to move into school-based therapy, there are several things to consider. Although experience as a therapist in a hospital, nursing home, or rehab setting is helpful, working in a school setting is different. But with the right game plan and advanced planning, you can transition into school-based therapy. Consider some of the following suggestions: [continue reading…]


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Qualities of a Speech Therapist For Kids

by Howard Gerber on December 10, 2019

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school speech therapist
If you’re considering making the transition from a rehabilitation center or hospital speech therapist to a school-based therapist, there are certain traits and skills that will help you succeed. Although you need a strong desire to help people regardless of the setting you work in, there are additional traits that are helpful to becoming and succeeding as a school-based speech therapist.  Consider the list below.
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school speech therapist skillsSpeech therapists need to have certain traits and skills, such as compassion, good communication, and patience, but that’s not all. If you are planning to work as a school-based speech therapist with children, there are also additional skills and traits you need to be successful.

As a therapist, it’s important to take an honest look at the skills you need to work on. Remember most of us, could always improve on something. Below are five skills and traits, school-based therapists should master. [continue reading…]