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allied health settingsAllied health is a growing career field. If you are considering becoming an allied health worker, you have a lot of options. Allied health professionals include a variety of careers including respiratory therapists, physician assistants, and medical assistants. Allied health professionals work in various settings including healthcare facilities, private medical practices, and government agencies. Below are the most common settings for allied health workers. [continue reading…]



Physician Assistants in Oncology

by Angela Stevens on April 20, 2010

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I became very familiar with the field of oncology when my father was admitted to the hospital with cancer a few years ago. As I was the only person able to organize his care, I learned a great deal about the various specialties and how the doctors and nurses worked together. For the longest time, I thought the person I was seeing so frequently at first was a doctor, and it wasn’t until my father had been in the hospital that I found out “Dr. John” was actually a physician assistant.


His primary oncologist was Dr. Butler, which I knew, I simply thought Dr. John was another doctor on the team. I saw him more often than Dr. Butler, although I liked them both equally. Throughout my father’s various treatments and hospitalizations, I would come to realize that there are numerous physician assistants in the field of oncology. [continue reading…]


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