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5 Environments for a Physical Therapist

by Angela Stevens on March 9, 2010

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I am affectionately referred to by my friends and family as “coordination deficient.” My mom has even joked that my middle name should be “Grace,” just to be ironic. I have broken a finger, several toes, a wrist, and an ankle. Between car accidents, falls, and a variety of most improbable accidents, I have sprained just about everything that can be sprained. Because of this, I have come to know and love, or loathe, depending on how they are treating me, a variety of physical therapists. I think it is interesting that there are so many places this profession can thrive. I suppose I never really thought about where I was sent for my physical therapy until the time I was sent to a nursing home. Which brings me to five of the places a physical therapist can find a home.


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