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School Nurse Shortages

by Angela Stevens on March 1, 2010

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My son attends a relatively small school. As I am by nature a chatty person, I have gotten to know most of the teachers and staff through open house nights and other school functions. One of the people I talk to on a fairly regular basis is the school nurse. She is a very kind older lady, Grace, who has been a nurse almost as long as I have been alive. School Nurse

She has worked all over the country, depending on where her husband was transferred in the military. Nursing, especially school nursing, is a true passion of hers. She is a member of several nursing associations and groups, and she was recently telling me about the school nurse shortage. I thought it odd that there would be such a shortage, considering it seems like an ideal job for a nurse. However, she said there are shortages in the nursing field in general, and many of the younger nurses want a high impact, more exciting career – which is not usually part of the job description when one becomes a school nurse.

There are numerous reasons why the role of school nurse needs to be filled. [continue reading…]