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Preventing Compassion Fatigue as a Travel Nurse

by Howard Gerber on March 2, 2017

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nursing compassion fatigue

Nurses and other healthcare workers are often compassionate people. To care for patients who are sick or injured takes a certain type of personality and a desire to help people. But even nurses who have the best intentions can find themselves developing compassion fatigue. [continue reading…]


Zika Virus Information for Nurses

by Howard Gerber on September 8, 2016

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zika virus infoYou don’t have to be a nurse to be concerned about the Zika virus. It seems that the virus is making headlines more frequently, and nurses are on the frontlines of the emerging health issue, both as caregivers and potential patients. If you’re a nurse traveler, you might wonder if you should avoid taking assignments to certain states due to the risk of contracting Zika.

Researchers are still finding out new information about Zika, but some facts are known. As a nurse, it’s helpful to become educated on the Zika virus so you can provide the most accurate information to your patients and keep yourself safe as well. Consider the following questions and answers regarding Zika.   [continue reading…]


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It’s normal to have a few fears when you start a new job or move to a new area to live. When you work as a nurse traveler, you combine both a new living environment and a new job. It’s no wonder you may be a little apprehensive. Keep in mind that everyone gets a little nervous starting a new travel assignment, especially if it is their first. Below are some suggestions for overcoming a few common fears nurse travelers may have.

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