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Why Are Nurses Unhappy?

by Howard Gerber on December 6, 2012

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Why Are Nurses Unhappy?

Several studies have shown that nurses have a low happiness quotient, but why? It’s an important job, it requires a great deal of skill, and it’s one of the few professions that offers directly expressed customer satisfaction. You make patients comfortable and happy, and they are quick to tell you how much they appreciate it. Not that every patient is grateful or that every one credits you with making them comfortable, we all know that’s a fantasy. But there are enough patients who appreciate what you do to make your job an overall satisfying experience. Right? Perhaps not.

In February, Monash University researchers released a study called What Nurses Want: Analysis of the First National Survey on Nurses’ Attitudes to Work and Work Conditions in Australia that shed light on some of the problems standing in the way of nursing happiness. Although the study dealt with nurses on another continent, I think you’ll find their answers surprisingly familiar. [continue reading…]


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