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tragedy in healthcareIf you turn on your nightly news, you’re likely to hear headlines about murder, war, and other tragedies. In recent years, terrorist attacks and violence at some protests have also been occurring. With 24/7 news coverage and instant access to current events through social media, we are bombarded with images of inexplicable tragedies.

But we don’t just hear national news stories about tragedy and heartbreak. Tragedies occur in cities and towns throughout the country, even in our own communities.

Healthcare professionals are often on the frontlines caring for people who have been injured by violence, accidents, or illness. Although healthcare workers are professionals, they are still human, and dealing with grief and tragedy can take its toll.

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, therapist, or other healthcare professional, you may deal with your own share of difficult and sad situations, and it can get tough. But there are things you can do to prevent becoming overwhelmed. [continue reading…]