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Flu Shots: What Healthcare Travelers Should Know?

by Howard Gerber on October 4, 2018

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flu season vaccineThe fall season may mean football games, hayrides, and cooler weather. It also means the start of the flu season. The flu can affect anyone, but healthcare travelers who are providing direct patient care are especially at risk of contracting the flu. [continue reading…]



2011 Flu: A Guide

by Howard Gerber on January 24, 2011

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With the end of 2010, the increase in flu outbreaks could be seen. This was especially true in the southeastern United States as well as in New York. Because the flu can cause such serious complications, this can be a worrisome statistic; fortunately, there is good news. The flu shot that was produced for this year appears to be an excellent match for the strain that has emerged. This means that if you did get a flu shot, your protection against the illness will be more effective. If you haven’t gotten a shot yet, it isn’t too late to get protection. Encourage those you work with, as well as patients and family members, to get their annual flu shot each year in order to limit their risk. [continue reading…]