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Sunbelt Cares Winner – September 2016

by Howard Gerber on October 14, 2016

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SUN-Care-Award-Blog-2016Today, we are pleased to announce our first ever monthly Sunbelt C.A.R.E. Award Nomination Spotlight! Check out what Bridget, an energetic nurse living in Rochester, NY, is doing to give back to her community in a unique way:

I was introduced to Girls on the Run in San Francisco, CA. A friend of my aunt’s was a coach and they needed “running buddies” to pair up with girls and run their end of the season 5K. Being a runner myself, I was eager to sign up and volunteer. The 5K was a blast! The girls and I, along with all the other volunteers, laughed our way through 3.1 miles. I helped out as a running buddy for a few seasons, then when I moved to Rochester, NY to join my boyfriend who is in medical school here, I signed up to be a Girls on the Run coach with the Greater Rochester chapter. Our girls (3rd-5th grade) have brought me so much joy — I think we burn more calories laughing than running. Not only does Girls on the Run help girls get in shape and find the joy in exercise, it also helps them boost their self-esteem at an age where self-confidence is critical, form friendships, and learn about how special each one of them is.


Although I have learned so much from the girls and our lessons, I think my favorite memory from all the seasons was from last winter. That day of the 5K, it was snowing so hard we could barely see five feet in front of us. We crossed the start line and had maybe ran about twenty feet when one of the girls said to me “Bridget, we must be almost there. Right?” I laughed thinking she was just saying that due to how difficult it was to see until I heard several other little voices chime in “we’ve run so far!!! How much longer?” So even though these girls made new friends, learned to embrace their inner “light” and giggled their way through training runs, I realized they have no concept of distance. Oh well, maybe someday 🙂


Are you or someone you know of caring for their community in a unique way? Submit your nomination for the Sunbelt C.A.R.E. award here.