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Special Education

The Arts in Special Education

by Angela Stevens on December 21, 2009

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I have many friends in the field of education, specifically special education. I have a special place in my heart for children, as many mothers do, and find myself enthralled by the different ways educators reach out to students with special needs. Children with emotional problems, who I have worked with directly, especially seem to benefit from time with an arts teacher.


By arts, I don’t just mean art such as painting; I also mean music teachers, dance teachers, and any other teacher that helps students express themselves in a nonverbal manner. [continue reading…]



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An inclusive classroom is one of the placement options for a student with a learning disability. This is the least restrictive form of education for special needs students and it allows the student to be included in a typical classroom environment with his or her peers.

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There are two roles a special education teacher may play in an inclusive classroom — permanent or temporary co-teaching. [continue reading…]



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Most students with special needs perform best in a structured, predictable environment. This can pose a distinct challenge to the substitute teacher of a special education class. Here are some tips for interim or substitute special education teachers to ease stress levels, gain student trust, and motivate special education students toward a productive and fulfilling day. [continue reading…]


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