Travel Nursing Misconceptions

by Howard Gerber on July 18, 2013

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travel nursing You may be considering a career as a nurse traveler, but are still unsure. Maybe you heard a few things that are making you hesitate to give life on the road a try. It is also a possibility you have come to you own conclusions about what life must be like for a nurse traveler without anything to base you beliefs on. Either way, you can’t really decide if working as a nurse traveler is right for you if you have misconceptions. Continue reading to learn about common travel nursing misconceptions.

Nurse travelers often get the worst work assignments.  You may be considering working as a nurse traveler but are afraid your co-workers will not treat you fairly. While no one can absolutely predict how you will be treated when you arrive at your travel job, it is unlikely you will be dumped on. Healthcare facilities that use travelers would not be able to get workers if they treated them badly.

You have to find a new assignment every 13 weeks. While it’s true many traveling assignments are 13 weeks long, there are longer assignments available. In addition, you may have the chance to renew your contract if there continues to be a need.

Travel nursing is only for young people. You don’t have to be young and fresh out of nursing school to work as a nurse traveler. In fact, many healthcare facilities prefer to hire travelers with experience. The bottom line is nurse travelers come in all ages. Although some travelers are young, many are a bit older and choose to hit the road after their children are grown

It is impossible to get the location you want. Travel assignments are available all over the country. From small towns to larger cities, you never know what the needs will be. Keep in mind, your first location choice may not be available at the exact time you want to work, but with all the opportunities, you’re likely to find some place you’re interested in.

The only positions are for critical care nurses. Travel nurse positions are available in several areas of nursing, not just critical care. Labor and delivery, dialysis, oncology and telemetry are all examples of areas, which may need travel nurses.

Only single people work as travelers. You don’t have to be single to work as a traveler. Plenty of travel nurses have families with children. You have a few options to consider. For instance, you can take a travel assignment within a few hours’ drive and come home on days off. You may also be able to take your family with you depending on your situation.

Travel nursing assignments look bad on a resume. Travel nursing assignments don’t usually have a negative impact on your resume. In fact, having varied responsibilities at different size hospitals can be looked at as a positive. Regardless of where you work, the important thing is to be a hard worker, professional and a team player.

If you want to see the country and work as a nurse at the same time, working as a travel nurse is ideal. Don’t let misconceptions prevent you from following your dream.


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