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Sunny Forecast for In-Home Healthcare

by Howard Gerber on June 12, 2017

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Curious about the future of healthcare jobs? We did some research and found some interesting information, especially about the home health industry. Check it out!

home health data

Looking for a sunny outlook in your career? Shine bright by checking out our latest home health care jobs right here.

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Adjusting to Life as a Travel Nurse

by Howard Gerber on May 25, 2017

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travel nurse adjustingIf you’re already off on your first assignment or you’re just considering becoming a travel nurse, there may be an adjustment period. Being a travel nurse is different than working as a staff nurse. Travel nursing presents some unique challenges that a permanent job does not, but it is worth the effort because of all the rewards. Below are several suggestions to help you make the transition to travel nursing. [continue reading…]


Lessons Real Nurses Can Learn from Fictional Ones

by Jeremy Winograd on May 5, 2017

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nurses week tv nursesNational Nurses Week affords our nation’s nurses some much-deserved recognition. After all, considering everything nurses do in terms of patient care, administrative work, and generally acting as the gears that make our medical system run, they rarely get the credit they earn day in and day out. On the other hand, fictional movie and TV nurses often successfully capture viewers’ hearts and imaginations, at times shaping public perception of real-life nurses and what they do. So perhaps there are a few things nurses can learn from their large and small screen counterparts that will make their patients and the general population more appreciative of their hard work? To find out which of those lessons might be most relevant, let’s take a look at a random sampling of famous fictional nurses to see what positive attributes you as a non-fictional nurse can absorb from them – and which negative ones you should seek to avoid. [continue reading…]


Being an Effective Nurse Mentor

by Howard Gerber on May 4, 2017

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nurse mentoringNurses make a difference in the life of their patients every day. But as a nurse, you can also have a big impact on other nurses. Being a mentor is an opportunity to help guide and support a new nurse. Whether you work as a traveler or a have a permanent position, being a mentor can be a fulfilling part of your job. Mentoring a new grad allows you the opportunity to help a rookie nurse increase their skills and build their confidence.

Keep in mind; new nurses often acclimate to their role and the unit with guidance from other staff including their preceptor. But you’re more than a mentor. As a preceptor, you’re a useful resource to help your new teammate take on the challenges that wait.  [continue reading…]

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nursing focusOne great thing about nursing is all the options you have. There are dozens of nursing specialties to choose from. Whether you are a relatively new nurse deciding what to pursue, or are a seasoned provider looking to make a change, there are a lot of choices. Before you decide what the right specialty for you is, it’s helpful to ask yourself a few questions. [continue reading…]


Preventing Compassion Fatigue as a Travel Nurse

by Howard Gerber on March 2, 2017

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nursing compassion fatigue

Nurses and other healthcare workers are often compassionate people. To care for patients who are sick or injured takes a certain type of personality and a desire to help people. But even nurses who have the best intentions can find themselves developing compassion fatigue. [continue reading…]


Advancing Your Nursing Travel Career in 2017

by Howard Gerber on December 22, 2016

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2017 travel nursing goalsThe start of the new year is a great time to set goals and go after what you want. In fact, many people will be hitting the gym or swapping their sweet treats for veggies to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. But a new year is also a great time to work on your career development. If you’re a nurse traveler, you can advance your career and make 2017 your best year yet. [continue reading…]


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