Must Haves for Your Next Travel Assignment

by Howard Gerber on August 15, 2013

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what you need for travel assignmentWhen you are preparing for your next travel assignment, you’ll probably pack the usual items, such as clothes, books, and personal items. Beyond the basics and apartment necessities, there are a few other items you should consider taking with you if you are working as a healthcare traveler.  Although you may like to travel lightly, there are some must have items every travel should consider bringing on their next assignment.

Journal: Working as a traveler is sure to bring lots of different experiences meeting new people and seeing interesting places. Recording your experiences and writing down your thoughts is a great way to persevere the experience.

iPad or Laptop: The Internet has become such a staple in most people’s lives that it would be hard to get along without it. Bringing a laptop or iPad will also allow you to Skype with family and friends back home.

Camera: Even if your cell phone has a camera and video recorder, bringing a camera on your next travel assignment is a good idea. It may allow for better quality photos than a cell phone.

GPS or Navigation App: If your car does not have a GPS system, be sure to download a navigation app to your cell phone. Keep in mind that you will likely be driving in an area you are unfamiliar with. A navigation system or app will save you the headache of getting lost. 

Address Book: Keep all your family members’ and friends’ addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses in one book to bring along with you. You may feel like dropping a post card or note.

Emergency Car Kit: It’s always good to have an emergency kit in the trunk of your car. This is especially a good idea if you will be driving to your new travel assignment. Consider making a kit containing items, such as jumper cables, motor oil, antifreeze, flares, and a flashlight.

Important Documents: Make copies of documents, such as medical license, CPR card, and immunization record. Be sure you have your social security card, insurance card and passport if you will be working in a location where you may take a trip over the border.

Family Photos: It’s normal to get a bit homesick when you are on a travel assignment. Make your new place a bit more like home, with photos of family and friends.

Roadside Assistance Service: Roadside assistance can be a big help if your car breaks down. It is always a valuable service. But if you are living in a new area and don’t have a lot of people you could call for help with care emergencies, it is even more vital. Roadside service plans vary and are available through motor clubs and car insurance companies. Many plans also offer discounts on attractions and travel, which is also a plus.

Tour Books: Even if you want to travel off the beaten path while you are on a travel assignment, a tour book will highlight the places which are a must see while you are in the area.


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