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Destination: Vacation!

by Christy Trujillo on July 17, 2014

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What’s summer break without a vacation? Whether you’re heading out with the entire family or looking for some grown-up fun, we’ve got you covered with destinations that are sure to take you to new heights, literally!

Five Kid-FRIENDLY Vacation Destinations

  1. The Grand Canyon

The-Grand-Canyon-VacationMy family drove cross country the summer before I started fifth grade. I’ll never forget our stop by the Grand Canyon. I was so mad when I found out that’s where we were heading! ‘We’re going to see a hole in the ground? Are you kidding me? What a joke!’ I grumbled on and on the entire drive, until I peeked out the window and caught a glimpse of that hole. To this day, I hold that experience in my heart as the first time I knew what true beauty was. It was utterly magnificent. The sheer vastness of it is enough to make even the most cynical teenager stop and admire the world around them. I was so impressed, I ran to the car and grabbed my most prized possession (a brown and white Pound Puppy named Martin, who I still have to this day) so he could see how awesome it was. You will note a picture of this event to the left. You’ll also need to ignore my hair. [continue reading…]


Summer Learning!

by Christy Trujillo on July 10, 2014

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ot-slp-conferences-2014In addition to some rest and relaxation this summer, you might want to brush up on your skills or tackle the CEUs you’ll need this year. Conferences are a great way to do this, since many of them fill those requirements and offer a bit of fun and camaraderie at the same time. We’ve listed some events going on this summer and some that you’ll need to register for ASAP, before all the spots are taken. We’ve also found a few webinars and online conferences for those who prefer to stay close to home. [continue reading…]

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Eight Ways to Enjoy Springtime as a Healthcare Traveler

by Howard Gerber on March 20, 2014

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travel-nursing-tips-springSpring is a great time of year to enjoy working as a healthcare traveler. With the dreary, cold winter days over, it’s time to enjoy your destination. Springtime brings warmer weather, more daylight hours, and spring holidays. Whether you are just starting a travel assignment or are in the middle of one, be sure to enjoy springtime in your new city. Consider some of the suggestions below. [continue reading…]

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avoid-seasonal-flu-hospitalIf you work in healthcare as a traveler, you are probably familiar with signs of the seasonal flu. Keep in mind, the seasonal flu can hit different parts of the country worse than others. The flu also varies from year to year in how severe symptoms are. Healthcare workers need to have the right information not only to protect themselves, but their patients too. [continue reading…]


Saving Money While Working as a Healthcare Worker

by Howard Gerber on January 23, 2014

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Saving-Money-While-Working-as-a-Healthcare-Worker-budgetWorking as a healthcare traveler can be a great experience. It allows you the opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn new skills. But how is it on your wallet?  Is it possible to save money while you are on the road? The answer is yes. It may take a little creativity and discipline, but saving money while you work as a healthcare traveler is possible. [continue reading…]


Tips for Working with Pediatric Patients

by Howard Gerber on October 3, 2013

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Tips for Working with Pediatric PatientsWhether you love kids or have no experience with them, there may come a time where you have to treat pediatric patients. It is important to understand children and teens are not just miniature adults. They have different needs and levels of understanding. In some cases, working with pediatric patients can be a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding. Although all patients are going to be different, consider some general guidelines in order to work effectively with pediatric patients.  [continue reading…]


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first impression travel nurse Many regular staff members will welcome a nurse traveler and be grateful to have the help. But a few permanent employees may still have a few preconceived ideas about travelers. For example, some regular employees may believe travelers are making a lot more money than a regular staff member, so they should work harder. Another misconception may be that travelers don’t take the position as serious as permanent staff since they are only temporary. A great first impression helps overcome any misconceptions or stereotypes. It also helps decrease any resentment or resistance from permanent staff members. Consider the suggestions below. [continue reading…]


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