Settling into Your Temporary Housing as a Healthcare Traveler

by Howard Gerber on February 16, 2017

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travel healthcare housingEven if you’re excited about working as a healthcare traveler, it’s okay to be a little homesick, especially at first. One way you can feel comfortable right from the start is by making your temporary housing feel more like a home.

Although you will spend time at work and exploring your new city, enjoying your home is an important part of your healthcare travel experience. This will help you feel settled and comfy.

Consider Your Options

Choosing the best temporary housing option is an important first step to feeling at home. When it comes to housing, it may not be a one-size-fits-all situation. Your options include agency arranged housing, which may involve a furnished private apartment. Companies often try to place you near the healthcare facility you will be working, but the distance can vary. Apartments can also vary in size and amenities offered, so it’s helpful to ask for clarification on what you are getting.

Your second option is to accept a stipend and arrange your own housing. The amount of the stipend can vary based on assignment and location. This might be a good choice if you have a specific area in mind, or if you have a friend or family member you can stay with. The stipend will cover your portion of the rent and utilities.

One other option is to live in an RV for your assignment. You’ll still receive a housing stipend, which will likely cover costs of staying in an RV park, and all the utilities required. If you already have an RV, this may be a good choice.

Although the most common choice is to let the agency arrange your housing, there is no overall better option. Keep in mind that, if this is your first healthcare travel assignment, it can seem overwhelming. Packing, moving, starting a new job, and leaving family and friends is a lot to deal with. Trying to find housing in a new city may be a little too much. It may be easier to have your agency make the arrangements.

Making Temporary Housing Feel Like a Home

Temporary housing may not feel like home when you first move in. After all, you know you’ll likely only be living in your new digs for a few months. But you still want your place to have that homey feel. There are things you can do to give it your personal touch.

A Few of Your Favorite Things

If you have a favorite bedspread, picture, or decoration, bring it along. Don’t go overboard packing every treasured item you own. Instead, pack a few of your must-have items. Bringing a little bit of home is an easy way to feel more comfortable.

The Nose Knows

Sometimes something as simple as a scent reminds you of a certain place or time in your life. An inexpensive way to bring a little home to your new place is with scented candles or diffuser sticks. Pick and bring a few of your favorite smells that remind you of places you love!

Keep Your Friends and Family Close

It’s normal to miss your loved ones when you’re on a travel assignment. You can video chat and stay connected while you’re away. But it’s also nice to have several pictures dotting your home of your family and friends.


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