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States Expected to Have an Increased Need for Nurses

by Howard Gerber on April 21, 2016

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nurse jobs by state

The need for nurses is expected to grow much faster than average for other jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are several factors, which may contribute to the increased need for nurses.

One reason nurses are expected to be in demand is the fact that millions of baby boomers are hitting retirement age. In addition, there is an increase in people with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, which means more people need care. Add in the Affordable Care Act, which allowed millions of previously uninsured people to seek medical care, and you may not have enough nurses to meet the demand.

In some parts of the country, the need for nurses in hospitals may not be as great as the need in other settings, such as home health and nursing home. The demand for nurses also varies geographically. Some states tend to have a higher need than others.

Whether you’re considering a permanent job or a travel assignment there are some states which are expected to have a higher need for nurses than average in the coming years including the following: [continue reading…]


Eight Qualities You Need To Be a Healthcare Traveler

by Howard Gerber on March 3, 2016

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healthcare_travel_assignment_jobsAlthough healthcare travelers can be a diverse group, many share some similar qualities. After all, not everyone is willing to move to a different location every three months and take on a new challenge. Whether you’re a nurse, speech therapist, or occupational therapist, having certain qualities will help you be more successful on the road. Keep in mind that you don’t need every quality listed to do well as a healthcare traveler. But it’s helpful to ask yourself if you have any of the following traits: [continue reading…]


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travel nursing jobsWorking as a healthcare traveler can be a great opportunity to expand your skills and see different parts of the United States. Although it’s not for everyone, there are several benefits to working as a traveler. But before you can jet off to an exciting and challenging assignment, there are several prerequisites you should have.


[continue reading…]


Finding the Ideal Occupational Therapy Travel Job

by Howard Gerber on August 28, 2015

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travel occupational therapy jobsIf you are considering hitting the road to work as a travel occupational therapist, you have several options. Before accepting an assignment, you want to make sure it appears to be a good fit. [continue reading…]


Balancing Working and Your Home Life While On the Road

by Howard Gerber on June 11, 2015

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travel-nursing-tips-work-life-balanceWorking as a healthcare traveler may be a great opportunity. Not only can you work somewhere different and live in a new city, but you have the chance to make new friends. With all the excitement, it can be hard to juggle everything. It can be challenging to balance a new healthcare travel job with your life outside of work, especially at first. [continue reading…]


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travel-nurse-housing-tipsIn addition to salary, healthcare travel jobs usually include housing. Housing options may include a private or shared apartment. In some instances, an extended stay hotel room may be offered. Although you can take the housing, which is offered, you can also secure your own place to live.

There can be some advantages to finding your own housing. For example, you have more control over the situation. You may find a place, which suits your needs better than what the employment agency would offer. [continue reading…]


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pros-cons-travel-nursing-jobMany people dream about starting over at a new job or in a new city. A fresh start can be appealing for a variety of reasons. But if you are considering becoming a healthcare traveler, you should take a little time to think it over. Although it can be a great experience, it may not be for everyone. So how do you decide if working as a healthcare traveler is right for you? Taking a look at the best and worst things about a career as a traveler is a good place to start. [continue reading…]


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