Packing Guide for Nurse Travelers

by Howard Gerber on September 25, 2014

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travel-nurse-packing-guideBefore you get to your new travel assignment, you will need to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. Packing is almost never something most people look forward to, but being organized can make it an easier experience.

Getting Organized

The first step, which will make packing for your nurse travel assignment easier, is determining what your staffing agency will be providing. For example, some contracts include a fully furnished apartment. But fully furnished can mean different things. Ask if housewares, such as dishes and silverware, will be included.

Once you know what will be supplied and what you will need, you can make a list of what to pack. Making a list will help keep you organized and prevent you from forgetting things. Don’t forget to label all boxes you pack, which makes unpacking much easier.

How much you can bring may depend on how you are getting to your travel assignment. If you are driving, you will likely be able to bring more than if you are flying. Remember, you can always ship boxes ahead of time if you are flying.

Keep Things Light

If possible, try to pack on the light side. Think about items you need every day and those you only use once in a while. You may be able to cut out more things than you thought. You can also buy stuff or rent items you need when you get to your travel assignment.

When it comes to packing scrubs, make sure you know the healthcare facilities uniform policy. Some facilities supply uniforms, while others require certain departments to wear certain colored uniforms. No sense in packing lots of different scrubs if you will have to wear hospital supplied uniform.

As far as other clothes go, you will have to make some serious cuts. You can’t bring your entire closet, so you will need to simplify. It is helpful to consider your location. For example, don’t bring all winter clothes if the climate is warm. One advantage of not bring too many clothes is that you can shop while you are there.

What You Will Need

When you are packing, consider dividing what you will need by category in order to stay organized. For example, most people use some type of personal electronic equipment. If your company is providing a television in your apartment, you can cross that off the list. In addition to a TV, consider bringing a cell phone, iPod, and laptop or tablet.

Many travelers also like to bring a few items to make their place feel more like home. Bring a few throw pillows or blankets to make your home cozy. Wall art, like framed pictures of friends and family, can also make you feel less homesick.

If your new home does not come with housewares and bedding, you will need to pack at least a few items to get you started. Sports equipment and items you will need to pursue your hobbies may also be on your packing list.


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