Balancing Work/Life as a Healthcare Traveler

by Howard Gerber on December 8, 2016

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work life balanceIf you’re working as a healthcare traveler, your first priority is your job. Many healthcare jobs involve working 12-hour shifts. But with as any job, it’s important to balance work and life.

While you want to do a great job, you also want to enjoy your new city and all it has to offer. Starting a travel new job can be time-consuming. Maintaining perspective and balance is also needed for a variety of reasons.

Why a Work/Life Balance is Essential

Even if you love your job in healthcare and are excited about working as a traveler, finding the right work/ life balance is a good idea. Remember that everyone needs time to relax, unwind, and regroup.

Working in healthcare can be draining both emotionally and physically. Without enough time to recharge, you could end up depleted. Burnout is also more likely to develop when you don’t take the time you need to rest.

Healthcare burnout can involve decreased job satisfaction, depression, and anxiety. It can also affect job performance. Allowing yourself time to enjoy your life outside of work helps you deal with pressure from the job and gain perspective.

Keep in mind that not everyone needs the same amount of downtime. One person may need a few hours each day to for leisure activities, while someone else may be fine with one full day off a week. Carve out time for your needs and determine how much downtime you prefer to feel rested and happy.

Tips for Maintaining Balance

Working as a traveler while still finding time to relax and enjoy your life outside of the hospital is ideal. The right balance helps make each travel assignment as positive as possible. Below are several suggestions to maintain a good work/life balance.

Consider your habits: Think about how you spend your time. Do you watch TV for an hour or two each day when you get off work? Are you surfing the web or visiting Facebook every free minute? Sometimes we do things out of habit, and not because they are important to us. Ask yourself if there are any habits you can change to increase the amount of free time you have to do things you really care about.

Organize: Being disorganized can lead to wasted time. If you’re always searching for misplaced items or sorting through clutter, you’re taking time away from other activities. Consider organizing your home, which can make life easier and create a peaceful environment.

Say “no” when you need to: You might not be able to say yes to everything all the time. If you’re asked to work overtime, consider whether you have the time before committing to taking the shift. It’s okay to say no sometimes.

Prioritize: When you’re on a travel assignment, prioritize what’s most important. Do you want to explore your city or just have time to relax? Are you interested in taking online classes or do you prefer to spend time with friends? By figuring out what really matters, you can decide how to spend your time and cut back on less meaningful activities.


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