The Benefits of Working Part Time

by Angela Stevens on December 7, 2009

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The downturn in the economy has caused many businesses to trim their employee budgets. Some have done this by reducing their workforce, while others have begun limiting hours.


While limiting hours certainly has drawbacks, such as fewer benefits and less money for the worker, there are also numerous benefits.


One of my friends who was recently downsized decided to take a position for a hospital working part time. While she was initially worried about the reduction in her salary, she soon saw a golden opportunity. With a lower paycheck, she became eligible for several education grants. For years, she had wanted to go back to school but had neither the time nor the money. With her new part time job, she now had both. While working part time as an LPN, she went back to school and became an RN. A year later, she had a full time job she loved that paid more than the job she was downsized from.


A special education teacher I know was recently let go from the school she had been teaching in because of budget shortfalls. She had put off having children for several years, at first because she was completing her degree, and then because of her new job. After she was let go, she had difficulty finding work in her field. Instead, she became a part time advocate for special needs children. This allowed her to set appointments when she was available and gave her the freedom to focus on starting a family. She now has a son and a daughter on the way.

Personal Revelation

Another friend of mine did not immediately see the up side of her part time status. After she was let go from the clinic where she worked she was unable to find a job in her field at all. Instead, she took a job at a local craft store working part time. For many months, she was miserable about her reduced income and the loss of benefits. Slowly, however, she began spending the new free time doing things she loved. As a trained therapist, she had become too busy to engage in the artwork that she loved. As she became more involved in the local art community, she became more joyful. She realized that she had been incredibly unhappy at her previous job and began casting a wider net in her career search. She eventually found an opening for a part time art therapist at a rehabilitation center. This perfectly combined her love of art with her educational and work experience.

Even if the circumstances that have led you to a part time job were not what you would have wanted for yourself, you may find it is a blessing in disguise. Use the time to further your education, strengthen ties with family, or learn about yourself. You may be amazed at what you discover.

Do you work part time? What benefits have you found in your new position?


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