Job Search: Look Outside Your Comfort Zone

by Angela Stevens on February 22, 2010

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There are many reasons you may be looking for another job such as divorce, layoff, or boredom. All of these are perfectly valid reasons why people begin looking for new jobs. Lately though, people have been looking for new jobs because of the slowing economy and shrinking business budgets that have led to workforce reduction. Unfortunately, most people tend to look for the same type of job in the same area. This can be a huge mistake. Instead of looking in the exact same field and geographic location, consider broadening your horizons and you may be pleasantly surprised to find there are is an abundant and booming job market just around the corner, figuratively speaking.



People often feel limited by the geographical location in which they live. Someone who has lived in the same area all of their life may feel that a big move to another area is beyond the realm of possibility. However, traveling to a new area can have an invigorating affect on one’s life. If you have lived your entire life in the south, for instance, and suddenly find a job opportunity along the Pacific would you take it? Many people immediately say no, because they don’t want to leave their familiar surroundings, weather patterns, friends, and family. But what if it didn’t have to be a long term commitment? What if you could try out different regions of the country before settling on one? The job equivalent of a rent to own car.


This is where the term temporary comes in. When I say temporary I am not referring to an agency looking for unskilled workers. I’m talking about agencies who look for specifically skilled workers to fill the need of businesses with severe shortages. There are several types of working arrangements that can all be classified loosely as temporary such as per diem and travel. Per diem means you accept a position with a company, usually a staffing company, and then work for various businesses in your field on a per day basis. There can be all sorts of benefits to this including travel expenses, and a flexible schedule. A travel position is much like the per diem experience in that you will have to travel away from your home location to accept the position. Typically one is offered a position in a distant city and would then work there for a set period of time. Sometimes these positions will include travel expenses as well as living expenses in the new area.

If you have found yourself in a job rut, or jobless altogether taking a position in another city on a temporary basis allows you to visit locations you otherwise might not have considered, meet new people, and obtain employment. All of these are great reasons to look outside of your comfort zone.


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Hospital Jobs 07.09.11 at 8:19 pm

This was a great article about finding a Hospital Jobs
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Julie 07.16.11 at 7:18 pm

I agree with looking outside your comfort zone. I recently started looking for a CNA job in Michigan, where I’m from, but my search has revealed that healthcare jobs are available all over country, with rising availability. In fact, I’m looking into applying at Sunrise Senior Living. They have all sorts of jobs all over the country and Canada.


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