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How many children tell their parents they should be allowed to play video games because it improves their hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, and ability to work in a cooperative setting? In all fairness, probably very few put it just like that but maybe they should. It turns out that playing video games, and using other forms of interactive electronics, can be quite beneficial for people. A new journal looks at specific games, and other emerging technologies, that are beneficial for mental and physical health. There are numerous indications that gaming may one day be part of speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy. [continue reading…]


Making the Transition to Electronic Medical Records

by Angela Stevens on June 3, 2009

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While the medical profession is, by nature, a cutting edge business driven by new technology, new science and new treatments, the medical office is mired in the same antiquated record keeping described by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol, which was written in 1843. Handwritten and kept on paper. Making the switch to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) won’t be easy for most healthcare providers, but in the long run, it will be less costly and far more useful. [continue reading…]